Sale Corsets

Can you believe we’ve been around more than twelve years?  

In that time, we’ve ended up with a huge amount of variety in our corset collection, far more than we can carry around to events and shows.  

So we decided to put a chunk of the Felix and Kitty corset collection on sale! Discontinued materials, one-off colours, and just about every item that’s not one of our core fabrics or shapes is 50% off. This will continue only as long as the selection lasts.

This sale applies only to in-stock items, and generally won’t include most favourite colours and perennial best-sellers (though there are some exceptions in some of the sizes).  Some sizes are selling out rapidly, so if you want one, you might want to make it sooner rather than later.

Corsets made from “sale” fabrics will still be available to order in the future (for regular prices, of course), but we won’t be carrying them for off-the-rack purchase.  


All clearance corsets are sold AS IS, without any warranties or future free repairs like our regular-price corsets.  No exchanges, returns, etc. etc. etc.. You know the drill.   

Sale corsets are exactly like regular ones except that we’ve discontinued these colours or shape models for off-the-rack purposes, and were made to just the same standard. Some of them are quite a bit older, which may be why they’re on sale – meaning they may still have the older boning, which served us fine for many years (it just isn’t quite as good as our current stuff).

If you still want the full after-care package with the free repairs and warranty, maybe skip the sale and stick to normal-priced ones.


If you want to get a sale corsets, you have to send us enough information for Kitty to be able to see what size and shape you so she can see what’s left in stock that will fit you. So please fill out and send us the measurement and photo form.

Recent Inventory

If you’d like to know what sort of selection we have, here are the most recent photos we took. They should give you an idea of what fabrics, and sizes were available the last time we took inventory. The selection is constantly changing as we shuffle things around, so it’s worth asking if you want something you don’t see here.

(Note: all the photos are taken upside down; that is, the top of the corset is facing you. This was simply so the tags would be visible.)