Why Felix & Kitty?

We’ve been making and developing our own corset designs sine 2000 and started doing it professionally in 2008. They are what we got started with and we’ve learned a lot about them over the years.

Why Should You Own a Felix & Kitty Corset?

The obvious one first: a corset makes you look hot!

Any good corset can easily take three to eight inches off your waist (with zero discomfort), flatten your tummy, and send your breasts up and up and up.

But a Felix & Kitty Corset can do all that, plus do incredible things for your back.  The most common reason people buy a Felix & Kitty corset is actually to relieve back problems and correct posture!

Felix & Kitty specifically designs our corsets to follow the natural alignment of your spine.  We never try to force it into the “S”-shape of a classic Victorian corset.  The panels are cut in a special shape so they don’t compress your diaphragm (which is why you won’t have trouble breathing in a Felix & Kitty corset).  Felix & Kitty corsets are often worn for back support if you have to stand or sit for a long time every day – conditions which can lead to chronic back pain.  Even people who can’t tolerate normal corsets often wear Felix & Kitty corsets all day long, just for back support or pain relief.  

Some of out clients wear corsets for work that involves a lot of heavy lifting or physical impact, kind of on the principles of a weight belt.  You might be surprised to learn that a corset that fits you really well gives you a surprising amount of mobility, and don’t really restrict your breathing.  Large-busted women who can’t find a supportive enough bra have been known to run marathons in our corsets (the only way to control the bouncing!). 

Keep in mind that not all corsets are cut to the same shapes; many traditionally shaped Victorian-style corsets out there can actually stress the lower back and compress your diaphragm, and should not be worn for long periods.  Not that you would, since it would probably hurt too much!

Premium Custom Corsets

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our regular line of corsets.  But we also make a premium version of our corsets on an individual custom basis.

What Makes Felix & Kitty Premium Custom Corsets The Best?

#1 – Good Boning

Felix & Kitty only use serious boning that will maintain its shape through the lifetime of the corset. If you have a body type that requires more support, we will spot it during your consultation and put in extra boning just where it’s needed. If you ever have a problem with the boning, we will replace and reinforce the bones for free! 

We can’t emphasize this enough. No matter how beautiful the corset looks on the shelf, if it doesn’t have sturdy, heavy boning, it will be uncomfortable to wear and look awful after about half an hour or so. The best boning is at least as wide as a finger, and you should not be able to bend it in half with one hand. Remember, cheap plastic boning can look fine when you first put on the corset, but when it warms up to your body temperature, it can go all bendy and kinked. 


#2 – Sturdy Fabric & Lining

Felix & Kitty lines all our corsets with extra-strength canvas duck or denim (at least 10oz, which is a lot heavier than most jeans denim), so the boning never punctures the fabric.  Also, the thickness and body of the material means you won’t see those horizontal lines or “pull wrinkles” when you tighten your corset.

A corset is no place for delicate, airy lingerie fabrics!  Corsets have to withstand a constant, powerful pull for hours at a time, and they need to be made from high-quality materials that can take a certain amount of abuse. Thin, flimsy fabrics can rip after only a few wearings, and boning can poke through far too easily.  They can also stretch out of shape.  Also, if the fabric of the corset is too thin, the grommets or laving holes will just rip out!


#3 – Different Shapes For Different Body Types (Not Just Sizes!)

Felix & Kitty makes corsets for different shapes, not just different sizes.  That means different shapes for *each* style and size.  At last count, Kitty had corset patterns for 99 different shapes. Not everyone who is the same size is the same shape!  

Regardless of what the fashion industry thinks, we are NOT all 5’7’’ and a B cup! Corsets are generally sized by waist size, but if you took ten people who are the same waist size, each one would have different cup sizes, waist lengths, back curvature, hip width, etc..  You obviously can’t just jam them all into the same corset.  You need a corset maker who understands the wild variety of human bodies, and is willing to accommodate them all.


#4 – Alternative & Custom Styles

It’s not often that you actually get to talk to the people who design, stitch, and fit your corset from start to finish. You’re not limited by what you see on the website or our shelves, only by your own imagination. If you can dream it, we can make it! Just contact us for an individual consultation.

Here are just some of the examples of corsets that go beyond the basic styles. If you want something you don’t see here, try to find a picture or a sketch – Kitty makes her own patterns, so she could probably create it for you.