Corsets for men

Men’s corsets aren’t fundamentally different from any other custom-made Felix & Kitty corset. In fact, at live events, we can and do fit most men off the rack. Remember, we make corsets in a vast array of different shapes, including (for example) for narrow hips and taller people. 

However, you can always have a customized corset made for you. Just make sure you pick out the style you want, and let us know what you would like to accomplish. Traditional men’s corsets can be made in underbust or overbust lengths.

If you just want a traditional corset that fits your body, proceed to the measurement and photo form. Kitty will take a look at your numbers and proportions and either ask more questions, or give you a quote and any recommendations.

If you’re looking for a corset that will create curves for drag or cross-dressing, Kitty will definitely need some information before she can make any recommendations, so please take the time to fill out our measurement and photo form and send it in along with any questions you have. When you’re trying to tease the maximum curvature out of a straighter body, it’s really critical that the waist indent in the corset hits you exactly at the right height for your body, or you’ll wind up with bruised ribs or hip bones!

If you’re a trans man looking to create a straighter profile using compression, you should definitely head straight to the options for binding, which are specifically intended to address your concerns. It’s generally not a good idea to try to accomplish the effects of binding by using a standard corset, because your fit requirements will be a lot more precise due to the demands of safety and comfort through extended wear times.

If you have questions or want to discuss custom options, the easiest way is to contact us. If your questions are about the possible cost of a corset, or whether an idea is doable, please fill out the measurement and photo form first, since Kitty won’t able able to give you any quotes or specifics without this information.