Corsets In Daily Life

A lot of corsets are made with cheap nylon or lingerie-type fabrics, which make them inappropriate for daily wear.

Felix & Kitty corsets always use the best-quality fabrics (mostly silks, wools, and cottons) like the ones that go into very high-end daywear and formalwear, so you’ll never look like you’re in your underwear when you wear your corset under a suit jacket or over your little black dress.

If you really, really, really love corsets, or just suffer from back pain that benefits from daily corset wear, you may want to find ways to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.   Try the following ideas – and send us any suggestions you have!:

  • Try an understated corset over a plain collared, buttoned blouse or dress shirt instead of a vest.  Don’t tell anyone it’s a corset.  Most people don’t recognize a corset anyway – who’s going to know?
  • Going to a special party?  Try a corset over a sparkly top, lacy camisole, or nothing, with a long skirt.  Instant evening wear.
  • A corset worn with a pencil skirt or slacks under a suit jacket or blazer works even for the office.  If you work in a conservative environment, wear a shirt or tank top underneath for more bust coverage.
  • You can request a modesty panel for the back, or a panel that covers the front lacing, to reduce the “corset-ness” of the corset and make it look more like standard daywear.
  • An underbust corset can be worn like a wide belt.  Use it to cinch in a billowy poet-style shirt or a roomy peasant blouse.
  • An underbust corset worn beneath your regular clothes really doesn’t show (tuck the bottom of the corset into your pants or skirt), even under tight shirts.  You’ll be shocked at how invisible it becomes, and what a dramatic difference it makes to the fit of your clothes.  Note: You should only do this with abrasion-resistant materials, so if you’re planning to use a corset mainly under clothes, be sure to mention it during your consultation.