Traditional Corsets

These are the original corsets Felix & Kitty Creative started out making over 12 years ago.

Traditional corsets are intended to enhance or create an hourglass shape and emphasize existing body curves at the chest and hips. Each of the panels are cut to narrow at waist level and flare out above and below, which visually and physically makes your waist smaller. This style of corset should never significantly compress the chest, hips, or any area other than the waist (if that’s what you’re after, you need to look into a different style).

Traditional corsets are available in either underbust or overbust lengths.

If you met us at an event the corsets you saw on the shelves were pretty much all this type. Kitty has developed a whole world of traditional corset patterns for different shapes and figures over the years – 99 at last count. We can fit almost anyone in this style, whether you have no bust or an epic bust, fabulous hips or nonexistent hips, a super-long or -short waist, a dancer’s posture or pronounced swayback.

Almost all our off-the-rack corsets are traditional, partly because this is by far the most popular style by the numbers – but also because the waist is the only safe part of your body to compress without lots of extra precautions.

This is because most of us have a bit between the ribs and the hip bones where we’re “boneless;” you can push your soft tissue inward without squashing up against unyielding bones. It means you can lace a corset tightly at the waist, as long as the waist indent of the corset is at exactly the same level as your waist (and that it’s quite unsafe to do this, say, over your chest). This is also why corsets dig into your ribs or bruise your hip bones if the waist curve is at the wrong height for you.

And of course size is of no consequence; we have fitted people as small as 19 inches and as large as 72 inches, and would have no trouble going smaller or larger if needed.

If what you’re after is a traditional corset, just start by filling out the measurement and photo form under “Consult Us.” Kitty will have a look at the numbers and your proportions, and make recommendations or ask more questions if necessary before giving you a quote.