What is a corset, Anyway?

A corset is a structured, boned garment which is designed to temporarily alter the shape of your body – usually to reduce your waist, lift your bosom, flatten your stomach, and smooth out your silhouette.

What makes a corset different from a regular garment is essentially the boning, or the stiff stuff that gives the corset its structure.  Without the boning, all the fabric would scrunch up into the smallest part of your torso, instead of remaining upright and shaping your body.  More than anything else, the quality of boning determines the quality of your corset.

A real corset is meant to be worn for an extended period (a whole day, if need be) without any discomfort or damage.  If the boning gets kinked and bendy, it’s not a real corset.

Felix & Kitty corsets are made for different body shapes, not just sizes, so if you have a hard-to-fit feature (extra-long torso, G-cup bust, huge hips, etc), it’s not a problem.  The boning is warrantied against kinking or poking out under normal use.  If that happens, we’ll fix it at no charge.

Corset Styles – Underbust

An underbust corset stops right under your bust, where your bra band sits.  This is the style best suited for those who are looking for shaping or lower back support under their clothing, as it really doesn’t show, even under thin garments.

Felix & Kitty underbust corsets come in various shapes to accommodate different lower body issues.  Tiny waist and flared hips?  No butt or shelf butt?  Wide or super-narrow rib cage?  We’ve got you covered.  Also, we understand that a corset has to follow the curvature of your lower spine, especially if you have a pronounced swayback – or it can throw out your back!

Corset Styles – Overbust

Overbust corsets come up high enough in front to cover at least some of your breasts.  Whether you want enough coverage to wear the corset by itself like a top, or just enough to cover the nipples (or not) is up to you.

Felix & Kitty overbust corsets can be made to accommodate even the most challenging shape.  Outlandish cup size?  Super-long or nonexistent waist?  High-set breasts (so you always get nipple slip)?  Far-apart or close-together breasts?  Not a problem.  Even if you though overbust corsets aren’t for you, it’s worth giving ours a try – you’ll most likely be pleasantly surprised.