Waist Training

Waist training is a serious commitment.  Not everyone can or should do it, and it just doesn’t work on some people at all.  If you’re interested, make sure you read up as much as possible on the subject, and visit your doctor before you begin to make sure you don’t have any health issues which could be aggravated by tight-lacing.

We won’t cover the details of what’s involved, as that’s a whole other website.  But here are some things you need to remember if you decide to invest in a waist-training corset.

It *Must* be Custom-Made

You are actually trying to modify your body.  Don’t even think of doing this without an uncompromising, perfect fit, or you could injure yourself.  Also, the huge strain that a waist training corset need to absorb will destroy most ready-to-wear corsets in very short order.

Ideally, the pattern for your training corset should be built directly on your body, so the position of the boning channels can be marked to avoid any protuberant ribs, sensitive spots, etc..

It Requires Special Materials and Construction

A waist-training corset must be made with extraordinary care and to very high standards.  Even more than our usual standards, that is – lots more.

You should look for a coutil lining.  Coutil is a special fabric specifically made for corsetry, with a very tight weave, excellent abrasion resistance, and no stretch.

The seams should be double- or triple-stitched, each pass stitched using a different stitch length.  This will help prevent the seams from splitting open like a zipper under repeated strain.

There should be much more boning than normal, and the boning channels should be closer together.

You’ll Probably Need More Than One

Not at the same time, but as you progress.  Unless you’re thinking of a fairly small reduction, you’ll need a smaller corset after you’ve gone partway through your waist training.

Normally, we encourage people who are trying to shrink (by losing weight, not waist training) to buy a corset with a big gap in the back, and shrink into it as they go.  You cannot do this with waist training, because the position of the boning channels and the shaping of the panels are so precisely placed.

This means you may need to go through two or even three custom-made corsets during your training process.  Since these specialty corsets are very expensive, you’ll need to budget ahead for this.