$75 (normally $225, give or take.  Corsets will go back to regular prices when the yard sale is over.  All sale items are sold As Is, Final Sale, no exchanges or trade-ins with previously purchased items and no warranties.

If you want any of these, please email me *with your mailing address* (it will save you some back-and-forth in calculating shipping and taxes for your location).  Or you can use the contact form.

If you need sizing help, *please* fill out the measurement and photo form on corsets.felixandkitty.com (under the menu tab, “Consult Us”) before emailing me, or I can’t give you useful answers.

S = shorter, R = regular length, T = taller.  With underbusts, err on the side of shorter if you’re undecided, unless you’re willing to risk it being too long for the sake of extra tummy coverage.

If your size is missing, it probably sold during the early viewing on Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/kittyvolta), or I never had one to start.  I will try add “SOLD” signs as I go, but things are really hectic here, so I may be a bit behind.

The fabric swatches show you the material the corsets are made from.  Some photos are of the actual corset.  Please be aware that small details, like edge binding and trim, may vary slightly between sale items.

Previously Unlisted

As of July 6, 2021, we have one of each in most sizes. Please inquire.

Pink and Purple Underbusts

  • Violet jacquard: 20R, 22S, 22R, 28S(SOLD), 30R, 34S(SOLD), 34R, 36S, 36R
  • Purple vine on black silk: Available in most sizes; please inquire
  • Pink dragons on black silk: 22R(SOLD), 26R, 28R, 30S, 30R, 34S, 36S
  • Pale pink with gold phoenixes: 22R(SOLD), 24T, 26S, 26R(SOLD), 28S, 32S, 32R
  • Brown, rose, and gold abstract print silk: 26S(SOLD), 28T, 30R (straighter hip), 32S, 36S(SOLD), 36R
  • Purple with gold feather silk: 28S, 28R, 32R, 36S
  • Lavender chrysanthemum silk: 30S

Red and Burgundy Underbusts

  • “Harley Quinn” parti-coloured red and black with leather diamond appliques and occasionally red trim: 22S, 22R, 24S, 24R(SOLD), 26S, 26R, 28S, 28R, 30S, 30R, 32R
  • Red jacquard: 22T
  • Burgundy jacquard: 24 R (straighter shape)
  • Red chrysanthemum silk: 30S(SOLD), 30R (SOLD), 46T
  • Red with black lace overlay: 32R, for relatively narrow his and wider back
  • Red vine on black silk: 34 R (SOLD)
  • Burgundy silk with gold phoenixes: Available in most sizes (please inquire)

Blue, Green, and Teal Underbusts

  • Navy with black flocking: 22S, 22R, 24R, 26S, 32R
  • Teal vine on black silk: Available in most sizes; please inquire
  • Teal silk with gold feathers: 20S, 20R, 22R, 24S(SOLD), 24R, 26R, 28S, 28R, 30S, 30R, 32S, 32R, 34S, 34R, 34R (with narrower hip shape), 36S(SOLD), 36R, 38S(SOLD), 38R, 40R(SOLD), 44T
  • Royal blue satin (we have a couple of different shades of this, depending on which size, but only one per size): 22R, 24S, 24R, 26S, 26R, 26R (with black trim on top edge; please specify if you want this one), 30S, 30R (with black trim in front, photo shown), 30R, 32S, 32R, 34R, 36S (with black trim in front), 36R (SOLD), 40T
  • Navy silk with gold bamboo: 28R(SOLD), 32S
  • Emerald green silk with gold peacock feathers: 26S(SOLD), 26R, 28R, 30S, 30R, 32S, 32T (with trim on top, photo shown), 34S(SOLD), 36S, 36R(SOLD), 36T
  • Leaf-green satin with jacquard trim, 26R (SOLD)
  • Royal blue with black flocking: 34T
  • Navy with silver dragons: 30S, 42R (SOLD)

Cream, Silver, and Gold Underbusts

  • Silver floral silk: 22S, 22R, 26S, 28R
  • Silver chrysanthemum silk: 24R(SOLD), 28R, 28T (trim on top edge, pictured), 30S, 30R, 32S, 34S, 34R, 36S, 36R
  • Silver bird silk: 30R
  • Cream jacquard: 24R, 28S, 30S, 36S, 36R
  • Gold jacquard: 22R, 24S, 24R (high waist curve, great if you want more lower body coverage but are shorter above the waist), 26R, 28X-short (good if you’re 5’2” or under, or short-waisted), 28S, 32R, 36R, 38R
  • Warm gold front brocade: 20S, 20R, 28R(SOLD), 30S
  • Antique gold brocade: 30R, 32S

Black & Gold Patterned Underbusts

  • Black brocade with gold flower vines: 22R, 28R(SOLD)
  • Black silk with bronze dragons: 42R
  • Black silk with gold cherry blossoms: 28S, 32S, 34S, 36R, 40R, 42R(SOLD)
  • Black and antique gold brocade: 32S (SOLD)
  • Black silk with gold vine: 36S, 38R (with trim, pictured), 42R

Black and Black & Silver Underbusts

  • Black jacquard: 20S, 20R, 22S, 24S, 24R, 26S, 26R, 30S (narrower hip), 30R, 30T (narrower hip, trim on top edge, pictured), 34S, 34R, 36S, 36R(trim, pictured), 38R(SOLD), 38T (with trim, high waist curve — great if you’re not tall but want more tummy or hip coverage), 40S, 40R (trim, pictured), 42R (trim, pictured), 42T, 46R
  • Black chenille: 32S
  • Black scroll jacquard: 30S
  • Black satin with chain trim: 24S, 26S, 28R, 28T (trim, pictured), 30S, 32S, 32R, 34S, 34R, 36S, 36R, 42R, 44R
  • Black jacquard with chain trim: 38S, 32X-tall (narrow hip, with trim, pictured), 44R/T (with trim, pictured), 46R/T (with trim, pictured)
  • Black faux suede with ring and rivet trim: 20R, 26S
  • Black satin with ring and rivet trim: 36R
  • Black faux suede with eyelet trim: 22R, 26S (SOLD)
  • Black silk with silver cherry blossoms: 30S
  • Black silk with silver dragonflies: 20S, 20R, 22S, 22R, 24S, 24R, 26S, 26R, 28S, 28R, 30S, 30R, 32S, 32T, 34S, 34R, 36R, 38S, 38R, 40T, 42R(with trim, pictured), 44R