Alternative & Custom Corsets

Alternative & Custom Styles

It’s not often that you actually get to talk to the people who design, stitch, and fit your corset from start to finish.  You’re not limited by what you see on the website or our shelves, only by your own imagination.  If you can dream it, we can make it!   Just contact us for an individual consultation.

Here are just some of the examples of corsets that go beyond the basic styles.  If you want something you don’t see here, try to find a picture or a sketch – Kitty makes her own patterns, so she could probably create it for you.

Corsets with Straps

These can be extremely flattering, and are definitely the style of choice for creating cleavage in difficult cases.  If your bust tends to wrap under your arms and go sideways rather than up and together, straps can be the answer.

On the downside, strapped corsets must be custom-fitted to you in person, or you’ll probably have trouble moving your arms.

Kitty has been working on adding adjustable straps to off-the-rack corsets for some time, but it’s an uphill battle, because women are so variable in the bust-to-shoulder area.  Don’t count on seeing strapped corsets on the shelves anytime too soon, so if you want one, contact us for a private consultation.

One-Piece Corsets

Some people prefer to have only front lacing or only back lacing on their corsets, rather than both.  Usually, it’s to create a particular effect for a special event or costume.

A front-lacing-only corset means that you cannot tweak the size or fit at all, so it must be custom made.  Some people opt for this because they need a closed back for spinal support reasons, or to make the corset look less like a corset for wearing in conservative environments.

A back-lacing-only corset means you can’t do it up yourself.  On the other hand, it creates a sleek, smooth look from the front, which some people find more modern-looking than grommets for front lacing.  This look is popular with brides who want to use the corset as a wedding dress bodice.

Male or Straight-Hip Corsets

Actually, we can fit most men off the rack — remember, we always have corsets in different shapes, including narrow hip and tall.  However, some extra-tall men need a longer length, or they want a shape that either creates a straighter outline (or conversely gives them more of an hourglass shape for drag work).

Occasionally, women want a male corset to minimize their hips to alter their shape for cross-dressing or personal preference.

Either way, you will need to contact us, because fitting your actual shape is rather different from deliberately trying to create a different one.

Corset Vests, Dresses & Jackets

Basically, these are items that are meant to mimic everyday clothing rather than look like corsets.  The lacings are hidden in the construction process, but the clothing is lined with a sturdy-enough material to take the pull of a corset, as well as contain the boning.

These are sometimes worn by people in a conservative industry where they can’t openly wear a corset, but you could do that more easily (and cheaply!) by just wearing a corset under your regular clothes.  More often, these are for role-playing and those who like the look for its own sake.

“Discipline” Corsets

Corsets can be made to cover as much as you like, and restrict as much as you like, too.  While most people want the maximum freedom of mobility from their corset, sometimes, you just want a corset that keeps you standing at attention all the way from neck to knees, or ties up your arms.

Waist Training Corsets

These are a whole other story, which is covered in a separate section.  The short version: you cannot use an off-the-rack corset for waist training!  But you knew that, right?

Corsets with Bra-Style Cups

These must be custom-fitted, and even then, they cannot always be made to work on certain body types.  Get the fit wrong and your breasts will be squashed in new and tragic ways, or look like they shrank on you.  It has to do with the tremendous lateral tension that a real corset (as opposed to a stretchy lingerie corset-ish) is under.

To explain exactly how and why would take pages.  If you’re really curious, buy Kitty a drink and prepare to spend half an hour learning more about counter-pull and vertical support than you ever wanted to know.  In the meantime, if you really want a cupped corset, contact us for a private consultation.

Wheelchair Corsets

People who are confined full- or part-time to a wheelchair often have back issues which can be helped by a corset.  We can and do make corsets specifically designed for you if you spend most or all your time sitting, but you must insist on a private consultation, preferably in person.  If you’re living with spinal paralysis, you should definitely contact us and talk to Kitty in person, as there are special fitting issues which we’ll need to accommodate.